SEMBA has a variety of educational materials, including beekeeping videos, journals, and books that may be borrowed, free of charge, by members. Also, a 35 mm slide projector and beekeeping charts are available for members to use in presenting programs.

For information on any of the resources available, contact:

Roger Sutherland
5488 Warren Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI
Telephone: (734) 668-8568.

Honey House Club Cooperative
The Schoolcraft College Honey-House Cooperative, an independent club organized in the 1970s, has a four-frame motorized extractor, stand, uncapping knife, and basket available for rental from April to November to individuals who have current SEMBA membership and have been members for at least one-year. The rental fee is $20. Contact Roger Sutherland at the address and phone number listed above.

Extractor rental is also available from:

Keith Lazar --- 248-361-1710
Farmington Hills, MI

Rich Wieske --- 248-705-5181
Royal Oak, MI

Click here to see the list of videos available to SEMBA members.

Library Books and Journals
Click here to see the list of books and journals available to SEMBA members.

Other Miscellaneous Beekeeping Information