• 77th Annual Beekeepers' Conference:
    March 21, 2015  
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  • For conference vending information, please contact Keith Lazar, C 248-361-1710 or e-mail: keithmlazar@hotmail.com

  • SEMBA 2015 Beekeeping Course For Beginners: a full season of instruction led by Mike Siarkowski and a team of experienced beekeepers. more info
  • For the past four years SEMBA has had more applicants for the Beginning Beekeeping Course than could be accepted. Because of this overwhelming response, SEMBA has established a priority list giving preference to SEMBA members and an alternate list for non-members. To be placed on the priority list contact the course registrars Roger and Mary Sutherland at e-mail: rsuther@sembabees.org or call 734-668-8568.

  • SEMBA 2015 Advanced Beekeeping Course: A course designed for beekeepers wanting to take their skills to the next level. It is taught by Winn Harless and a team of experienced beekeepers. more info
  • SEMBA Mentor Program: Pairing a novice beekeeper with an experienced beekeeper.
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  • Questions and Answers regarding bees and beekeeping answered by the experts at SEMBA.
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  • 2014 ANR Week: The Beekeepers Annual Program is on Friday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8, 2014. For information, see http://www.anrweek.canr.msu.edu/.

  • Information on the Michigan State Apiculture Laboratory can be found at: http://cyberbee.msu.edu. Dr. Zachary Huang Principal Investigator; Cooperative Extension Outreach.
  • Other bee research in Michigan: Dr. Fred Dyer at Michigan State University, Integrative behavioral biology of the honey bee. www.msu.edu/user/fcdyer