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  • Gunther Hauk Public Lecture:
    The Honeybee Crisis: Real Causes and Solutions
    Time: Friday, 4 November, 6.30-8.00pm
    Location: Palmer Commons, Great Lakes Room Auditorium (Central campus)
  • For Sale: Top Bar Hive from Kelly, smoker, hive tools,feeder, brush, beekeeping books, etc.
    Contact: Connie, 734-263-4244, (downtoearthasian at yahoo dot com)
  • For sale: New 6 5/8" supers (painted white) with all new frames and foundations...Ready to use for $40 each.
    Call: (517) 851-8408 if no answer, please leave a message that says "SUPERS" or send e-mail to: (candyladyme at yahoo dot com)
  • For sale: Stainless Steel Equipment.
    1) Kelly Uncapping Tank & wax melter with heater and wax separator tank. $320.00
    2) Kelly 15 gal Grocer tank with lid. $400.00
    3) 120V Immersion Heater . $40.00
    4) Brass Ball Valve: $40.00
    Contact Russ Carlton Desk: (248) 340-2676 Cell: (248)761-6961
  • Beehive bottoms made of 1" cedar
    Toung and groove
    Sides and back 2" wide with grooves for mating
    Cedar is secured with 2" deck screws (which will not rust)
    $25 each with a deposit of 25%. Receipt will be supplied
    Contact Jay Hansen (248) 330-1120 Cell
  • Local survivor Queens (not grafted) $50.
    Local 5 frame medium nucs survivor stock (not grafted) $180.
    Rich Wieske -- 248 585 5558
  • For Sale Honey bee colonies. These colonies started from swarms from my bee yard. They are at different stages of growth. Some are in a nuke box and others in a deep box. ( It depends on the size of the swarm.) The price start at $110.00 . I would sell these colonies with the price plus equal equipment exchange.
    If you have any questions please call Mazin at 313-999-3180.
  • For Sale: Seven Acre Bee Farm for Sale In Whitmore Lake Mich.near US23
    Property includes 12 - 15 large colonies with overwintered mich. queens, 1200 sq ft house well kept up, two out buildings , one building is a 1200 sq ft wood shop,one small 500 sq ft rental apartment and a one acre pond. $239,000
    Call John or Mary Jackson 734 660 7735 or 734 660 4406 for appointment showing
  • For Sale: 2# and 3# package bees available for delivery on April 21.
    To order call Mike Siarkowski, 517-545-0824 H, 517-304-9013 C.

  • For Sale: 2# and 3# package bees available for delivery on May15.
    To order call Shawn Shubel,, 517-548-5178.
  • For sale: Bees- complete, queen right hive in two deeps. Survived the winter and are ready to go. Also two complete deep hives. Contact Robert Bubenko, 734-612-5135.

  • I would like to offer to sell a small plastic bushing that allows a queen grown from a JZBZ cup to emerge in a Nicot queen cage . She cannot emerge and kill other virgins. This is perfect for smaller beekeepers rearing a few queens. Some larger operators may also like the insurance this offers.
    Cost is $4.00 for 10 pieces. Russ Carlton Cell: (248)761-6961
  • Beeswax. Contact Wyatt Short, 989-708-0159 or
    (wyattshort at bhhsmi dot com)

  • Michigan 5 frame medium nucs from Michigan wintered hives. Queens grafted from survivor stock. Email - (info at honeydewapiaries dot com)