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    Wanted: Beeswax cappings.
    Contact: Ann Bode 734-502-5195


    For sale: 50-75 used 5 gallon Honey buckets w/lids for sale $4.00 ea.
    Contact: Bobilin Honey, Bob Jastrzebski, 734-748-2185


    For sale: Little Wonder extractor with framer, Frame spacing tool, Hive tool, Smoker.
    Contact Stephen (313) 608-6806 or by email


    Free: Warre hives.
    Contact R. Sutherland 734-668-8568


  • Position wanted: Experenced Male beekeeper from Albania looking for an opportunity to work with a beekeeper in south east Michigan.
    Contact Eniada Dragolli at
    (PREFERED TO BE FULL TIME JOB) His location is: Livonia,48185
  • Looking for a new or used motorized honey extractor and honey processing equipment.
    Please call Mike Lawler 586-675-7031
  • Limited number of nucs available, over-wintered, mated, Michigan queens. Hardy stock and great layers. Please call or text #734-358-0525.
  • Seeking beehives to be placed on property in southern Lapeer county and tended by beekeeper.
    Contact Pat Kelly at