Our Purpose:

  1. To help disseminate the latest information and improved methods of beekeeping.
  2. To promote fellowship and cooperation among beekeepers.
  3. To cultivate a friendly relationship between honey producers and consumers.
  4. To assist, whenever possible, the Michigan Beekeepers' Association, the Michigan Department of Agriculture, the Michigan State University Department of Entomology, and other local, state and national beekeeping organizations.

Membership and Dues:

Membership is open to anyone interested in beekeeping. Nominal annual dues are required. Paid-up members are automatically members of Oakland Bee Club and Schoolcraft Bee Club and are welcome to their meetings.

Meetings and Activities:

In cooperation with Oakland Bee Club and Schoolcraft Bee Club, there will be meetings and activities to educate, inform and promote sharing of ideas and experiences every month of the year.

Oakland Bee Club meets at the E.L. Johnson nature Center, 3325 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Township, MI.

Schoolcraft Bee Club meets at Schoolcraft College, 18600 Haggerty Rd., Livonia, MI.

SEMBA conducts an annual all day Beekeepers' Conference for the purpose of bringing in the latest methods and best-informed experts to aid members in beekeeping practices, and to introduce new people to beekeeping.

SEMBA provides a "hands-on" beekeeping course April through October.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Members receive a newsletter with information about local, state and national meetings as well as other beekeeping information.
  2. Members receive a 25% discount on beekeeping journal subscriptions.
  3. Members have access to the SEMBA library of books, journals and videos.
  4. Members may rent beekeeping equipment at low cost.
  5. Members have access to a number of educational programs.
  6. Members can draw on the knowledge of a large group of experienced beekeepers.

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