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Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants - McGregor
Insects - Fabre
ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture - A.I. Root
The Beekeepers Handbook - Sammataro and Avitabile
First Lessons in Beekeeping - Dadant
How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey - Kelly
Mastering the Art of Beekeeping - Ormond and Aebi
Skeps, their History, Making and Use - Alston
Beekeeping- an Illustrated Handbook - Stelley
Honey from Hive the Honey Pot - Style and Evernder
Beekeeping - Bonney
Beekeeping in the Midwest - Jaycox
Beekeeping in the Tropics - Jaycox
The Complete Guide to Beekeeping - Morse
Honey Bee Pests, Predators and Diseases - Morse
Beekeeping in California - Mussen
Honey Bee Diseases and Pests - Ontario Apiculturalists
Florida Bee Botany - Sanford
Propolis - Hill
500 Answers to Beekeeping Questions - Bee Culture Staff
How to Raise Beautiful Comb Honey -Taylor
The Joys of Beekeeping -Taylor
The How-To-Do-It Book of Beekeeping -Taylor
Pollination of Crops and Bees - Ontario Apiculturalists
Beekeeping Questions and Answers – Dadant
Art and Adventures of Beekeeping - Aebi
America’s Master of Bee Culture - Langstroth and Naile
Starting Right with Bees - A.I. Root
Practical Beekeeping - Tompkins and Griffith
Honey in the Hive - Nommensen
Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey - Brother Adam
In Search of the Best Strains of Bees - Brother Adam
Behavior and Social Life of honeybees - Ribbards
Beekeeping the Gentle Craft - Adams
Honey Plants: Basis of Apiculture - Apimondia
Bees Don’t get Arthritis - Malone
Guide to Bees and Honey - Hooper
The Complete Handbook of Beekeeping - Mace
How to Keep Bees for Profit - Lyon
Langstroth on the Hive and Honey Bee - Langstroth
What You Should Know About Honey - Gojmerac
Lives of Social Insects - Larson and Larson
American Honey Plants - Pellett
The Hive and the Honeybee – Grout
Mysteries of Beekeeping Explained - Quimby
American Bee Journal - Mid 1940s to Present
Bee Culture - Mid 1940’s to Present
The Backyard Beekeeper - Kim Flottum
Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping - Dewey Caron
The Buzz about Bees - Jurgen Tautz
The Beekeeper's Pupil
The Hive and Honey Bees Revisited - Roger Hoopingarner
African Honey Bees in the Americas Dewey Caron
Beekeeping Up-to-Date A.B. Flower
A Book of Bees Sue Hubbell
The Story of Honey Lloyd Dennis (A kid's book)
Wild Honey Samuel Scoville
Beekeeping in the United States USDA
Beekeeping for Fun and Profit Louise Hanson

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