Removing Bees from a Tree - Winn Harless

My farmer friend asked me if I would like the bees that were in a dead tree that they planned to cut down. He wanted the tree down before he planted his winter wheat. I agreed to help cut it as I was hoping to get some Michigan survivor stock of bees. I was disappointed when I found the queen with a white mark on her.

My daughter took the pictures for us. Gilbert Terry did most of the chainsaw work. I tied the brood in the frames with a method that James Tew showed us in one of his classes. I saved the honey so I could feed it back to them later on. With a little smoking, they went in the hive with the brood. I went back the next day at dusk and moved them to my bee yard furthest from the bee tree so they would reorientate themselves and not return to the tree.

I have since given them a full super of honey from one of my other hives as well as all the honey I took from the tree. They were busy cleaning sawdust from the brood frames the last time I visited them.

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Pictures submitted by Winn Harless